Thinking Industrialization and Energy In Tanzania

STIPRO is planning to hold a one day multi stakeholder event and discuss Challenges and opportunities of energy for industrialization in Tanzania. The event is to take place on the 5th of October at the COSTECH conference room. The main objective of the roundtable event is to discuss challenges and opportunities of access to reliable energy for industrialization—addressing the information gap and charting the way forward.

Key stakeholders are invited to participate and enrich the content and consequent outputs of this activity. Drawing from the long-standing experience in multi-stakeholder engagements and coordination of the national level policy dialogues, STIPRO brings together the key stakeholders on the energy and industrial development sectors for this roundtable. Invited participants for the roundtable will represent the policy and regulatory bodies from relevant government ministries and departments, energy and manufacturing investors, industry associations, international development agencies, academia and think tanks on energy and industrial sectors, and the press. Aside from the selected informed expert presentations, participants will be able to discuss and share their experiences and network. Topics that will be presented includes:

  • Presentation on state of the art of energy challenges for industrialization in Tanzania
  • Presentation on net metering
  • Presentation on Low Carbon Energy for Industrial Development in Tanzania And
  • VICINAQUA Technology on wastewater treatment and own renewable energy supply


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