2016 Annual Research Dissemination Workshop

On Friday the 30th September 2016 STIPRO held its Annual Research Dissemination Workshop at, Ubungo Plaza, in Dar es Salaam. This Research Dissemination Workshop is one of the ways of popularizing and disseminating of information that has been generated through ST&I policy research. This year, four presentations were made, where two presentations were on most recently completed research undertakings.

The first, presented by Ms. Neema Risha and Mr. Heric Thomas, looked at the opportunities available to small scale farmers when they are integrated into a Global Value Chain; and the second paper addressed the lock-in syndrome in subsistence farming presented by Dr. Vera Mugittu. In addition to the empirical papers, Dr Bitrina presented a conceptual paper on agricultural productivity and structural transformation; and the last presentation by Ms. Lanta Daniel reviewed the history of industrialization in Africa.

After each presentation ample time was allocated in order to thoroughly discuss the presentations. The discussions were held in both Swahili and English to allow for a more inclusive discussion. During the opening remarks it was argued that the discussions should not end there, but should be continued further once participants of the workshop returned to their place of work. STIPRO thanked the workshop participants and welcomed additional feedback after the workshop through emails and social networks.

Ms. Neema Risha, an Assistant Research Fellow with STIPRO presenting preliminary findings


Dr. Diyamett Executive Director of STIPRO talking to the media
Workshop participants
Cross-section of workshop participants
Mr. John Masaki of MUVIWAPASI (An Association of Avocado Farmers in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania) 
giving a background on the avocado sub-sector in Kilimanjaro.
Mr. Adam Zuku (Executive secretary at TEGAMAT) elaborating on the history of Tanzania Industrialization.
Dr. Vera Mugittu presenting a paper on how to "un-lock" subsistence poultry farming in the rural areas.

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