• Science, Technology and Innovation for Poverty Reduction in Tanzania

    Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world. Like many other poor countries and in particular African countries, it is grappling with the poverty challenge nearly five decades after independence. A growing body of literature on poverty identifies a critical link between poverty reduction, growth and technology. Using

  • A Case of Sunflower and Palm Oil

    Tanzania rural areas are endowed with resources capable to increase edible oil supply in the country hence saving foreign currency spent on importation of oil. This requires rural oil ventures to be innovative in the production process. The main purpose of this study was to assess the extent of diffusion

  • Impact of ICTs Adoption and Application on Innovation

    STIPRO recognizes the role of the manufacturing sector in the economy of Tanzania. Between 2011 and 2012, the organization conducted a study to determine the types and role of ICTs in innnovativeness of manufacturing sector,looking at both micro, small, medium and large scale firms. The study findings gives deeper insights

  • Tanzania EPZ Firms and their Potentials in Technology Transfer

    Technology transfer is a diffusion of skills and knowledge from one firm to another for the purpose of application. This study investigated the potential of the firms within Tanzania EPZs in transferring technology to firms outside the zones. The study was carried out in Dar as Salaam, Morogoro and Arusha.

  • Background to the Cluster Initiative Project

    Tanzania’s eight cluster initiatives (CI) project was launched in January 2006. The SIDA-funded project is the first such project to have ever been embarked on in Tanzania, and therefore a trial project that was planned to run for 18 months. The mid term evaluation for the project was done in