STIPRO on the framework of its various research projects that it is involved with, offers trainings and coaching on the areas of Science, technology and Innovation. It also produces manuals that can be used for capacity building in the area of Science Technology and Innovation.

Both internal and external seminars are also part and parcel of STIPRO capacity building. With seminars stakeholders and experts from different background have a chance to sit together and learn from one another on the burning issues around science technology and innovation for development.

STIPRO fellows
STIPRO fellows is one of the ways that is used to develop capacity using experts across the globe from different international universities. The STIPRO fellows take part in mentoring and also on joint activities that STIPRO does.

Masters thesis Support
As part of STIPRO’s capacity building initiative in the area of in in science, technology and innovation policy research, STIPRO has been offering research funding opportunity to complete masters reseach thesis to promising masters’ students from selected universities in Tanzania whose research topics falls within STIPRO’s research agenda. To read some of the completed thesis click here